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I Can’t Stop Drinking Coffee Out of This Temperature-Regulating Mug

The $80 Ember Ceramic Mug keeps 10 ounces of coffee at whatever temperature you want, for as long as you want.

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Making the Silence Breakers Time’s Person of the Year Won’t Change Anything

Opinion: While it’s satisfying to see sexual harassers get their comeuppance, no one should believe this marks the beginning of a cultural shift.

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When Waze Won’t Help, Palestinians Make Their Own Open Source Maps

In a place and conflict where “facts on the ground” are endlessly contested, having access to good navigation maps and apps is more than a matter of getting there.

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The Dirty Secret of the IPCC’s Plan to Avert Climate Disaster: BECCS (Carbon Capture Technology) Doesn’t Yet Exist.

The Paris agreement on climate change charts a narrow path to avoiding a global apocalypse. Just one problem: Its centerpiece is a technology that basically doesn’t yet exist.

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Apple Executive Reveals More of Its Self-Driving Technology

In a talk at a conference, Apple’s head of artificial-intelligence research discussed projects for navigation and mapping that would be useful for self-driving cars.

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